The new (or expected ?) face of Labour


We did not need to wait long for PL, the so called Labour Party of Malta, to reveal us that despite the way it was portraying itself during the electoral campaigns, the party has in reality not changed. So what happened ?

1. PL is a party without ethics

The Air Malta charters, luckily grounded by court order of ECHR a few weeks ago, the Salamis saga have revealed that PL has not realised that the world we live in has evolved since Mintoff, that human rights and the right for asylum are deeply anchored rights. The government’s position on immigration has created great damage to Malta: it has portrayed Malta as a country of xenophobes and uneducated people, allowing the mob to vomit their beliefs in broken English on Facebook walls of European Commissioners. The poor response of the government to these actions is surprising and only reinforces the impression that the xenophobic minorities are in their rights and government supported. The cherry on the cake is when a Labour MEP hopefull Cyrus Engerer post statues of Christian Saints on his Facebook to document the Maltese feast: Christianity and values are for the Whites, and not to the Blacks.

2. PL is a party without the understanding of the environment

The pre-electoral agreement between PL and the hunters had not really surprised anyone, nor the government actions since the elections. The fact that the spring hunting figures have not been published to the electorate, the removal of the hunting license during the spring hunting season and finally the increase of the autumn hunting hours clearly confirms the recent media statement of the Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animals of finding loopholes to allow more hunting. The title of Roderick Galdes is an insult to the animals.

Hopefully the Coalition Against Spring Hunting will be able to collect enough signatures to at least enforce the call for a referendum to abolish the legal notice for a spring hunting derogation.

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