UKGC aims to implement new consumer focused business plan

UKGC2014Updating the industry, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has set out a new consumer focused business plan which it will aim to integrate over the coming year.

UKGC management detailed that the plan would cover three direct themes

  • Building on vital work to protect the most vulnerable, and set standards for responsible and safe gambling
  • Ensuring markets are fair and open for consumers by tackling problems with online marketing, terms and conditions, and unsolicited texts
  • Giving consumers confidence that markets are not rigged, or subject to fixing, and otherwise are kept free from crime.

Furthermore the business plan will set out how the UKGC will support stakeholders in statutory responsibilities by way of five strategic objectives:

  • Empowering and protecting consumers
  • Raising standards across all gambling sectors
  • Building partnerships and understanding, both domestically and internationally
  • Ensuring fair play on the National Lottery
  • Improving regulation

UKGC governance further noted that the plan was needed as part of its new three-year National Responsible Gambling Strategy, which aims to implement new policy on tackling crime and money laundering, and reviewing enforcement policies and practices to promote credible deterrence.

Gambling Commission chairman Philip Graf commented on the plan “This business plan shows a further strengthening of our focus on the consumer”



Source: SBC News

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