Sportsbet Respawns into esports

Australian betting firm Sportsbet has launched itself further into the world of esports betting with the creation of a standalone portal called Respawn.

The bookmaker already took bets on esports markets but this takes it notably further and the operator boasts that it’s “the fastest ESL stream in Oceania, (with) live match statistics, odds and upcoming tournament information.”

The aim seemingly is to contend with the likes of Twitch and Youtube Gaming, major streaming sites which draw millions of viewers especially during the larger tournaments such as the ESL One series and Dota2’s The International.

Sportsbet customers can use their preexisting accounts to access Respawn, which the blog refers to as “the god-mode of eSports betting.”

The site will feature tournaments for games including League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, CS:GO and more. It also includes live odds, a calendar for events, a live chat section with other players and extensive stats.

Source: SBC News

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