Stephen Harris finds form at Sandown with long odds Toulson

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Stephen HarrisStephen Harris received a timely boost towards the end of the day at Sandown, with a surprise 8/1 victory on Toulson. The Horse Racing Editor for bettingexpert responded to SBC’s victory on Crowning Glory (7/2), by stretching ahead of the tournament hosts in second place.

They are now just 10.42 points behind the long term Tipster Challenge leaders, as Racing Post’s Graeme Rodway failed to contribute any points for the Guest team. It wasn’t much better for Timeform, who picked up just 0.91 points from 10/11 favourite Atty Persse.

Race Winners at Sandown:

  1. Bahamian Sunrise 4/1
  2. Atty Persse 10/11
  3. Rebel De Lope 13/2
  4. Quebee 16/1
  5. Crowning Glory 7/2
  6. Toulson 8/1
  7. Solveig’s Song 20/1

Tipster Challenge Week 34 Leaderboard:

Rank Tipster Week Average Total
1 Guests 0.00 5.08 172.84
2 bettingexpert 8.91 4.78 162.42
3 SBC News 3.50 4.35 147.73
4 Timeform 0.91 3.14 106.83
  • We will be taking on bettingexpert, Timeform and a rotation of guests, with the focus on a specific Wednesday race meet.
  • Throughout the year we will keep record of points won each week, points won on average and points won overall for each.
  • The guest tipsters will compete as one team, with their points added together as one leaderboard entry.
  • The new tips will be published on Wednesday ahead of the race meet, and the results will be available on Thursday.
  • For the purpose of the competition, we will assume that all selections are backed with 1 point.
  • Lost tips will count as 0 and won bets will be added to the leaderboard at SP value.
  • For example, if bettingexpert backs a winning horse at 8/1, they will get 8 points.

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