WPBSA joins Sportradar integrity monitoring program

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA), the governing body for professional snooker and billiards, has this week confirmed that it will join the Sportradar integrity program as its seeks to boosts its capabilities in identifying, detecting and monitoring potential match fixing.

Agreeing terms on a three-year partnership, WPBSA will move to integrate Sportradar integrity provisions through its state-of-the-art Fraud Detection System (FDS).

WPBSA joins the ranks of UEFA, AFC, World Rugby, the NBA and NHL as sports governing body utilising Sportradar provisions in the battle against match-fixing and sports crime.

As a member WPBSA will be further supported by Sportradar consultancy services which will help the organization’s stakeholders asses and identify potential integrity threats.

Speaking about this new partnership, WPBSA Vice Chairman, Nigel Mawer QPM said: “We have had the chance to work with Sportradar over the last few years, so we were delighted we could convert that experience into a stronger and closer relationship. Sportradar continues to develop new services and improve the sharpness of their existing products, which means that this partnership should enable us to preserve the most robust defences against those who would look to undermine our sport.”

Sportradar’s Managing Director Integrity Services Andreas Krannich welcomed the involvement of WPBSA as new partners: “We have really enjoyed working closely with snookers’ world governing body. Fans and stakeholders of the WPBSA should feel reassured that they have such a committed and forward-looking team protecting these two sports. This development is really encouraging, and we look forward to doing our bit to ensure snooker remains an exciting, world class sport.”

Source: SBC News

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