Betfair – Chocolate Digestives & Chocolate Hobnobs priced as ‘World Cup of Biscuits’ market favourites

Betfair has priced Chocolate Digestives as its current 6/4 market favourite to win BBC’s Comic Relief 2017 ‘World Cup of Biscuits’.

Presented by ‘Pointless’ co-host Richard Osman, this year’s Comic Relief show (starting 7 pm BBC Channels) seeks to find out and settle all debate on ‘which biscuit is king’.

Starting today with a 32 biscuits head-to-head first knockout round, via Twitter Richard Osman and the BBC have narrowed the field to 16 contenders. Quarter-final voting is currently open at (

Opening its ‘World Cup of Biscuits’ market, Betfair trading has placed chocolate favorites, Chocolate Digestives (6/4) and Chocolate Hobnobs (7/4) as early market leaders.

At present Custard Creams are priced at 5/2 third-place favourites, with the controversial Jaffa Cakes which caused a ‘Twitter Storm’ on whether they classify as an actual biscuit priced as the fourth favourites at 14/1.

Updating punters, Betfair PR informs that it will donate all its losing bets to BBC Comic Relief 2017

“This market has once again hit the sweet spot with customers, we’ve had thousands of bets on the market already and will be giving every crumb of profit to Comic Relief.

Betfair – BBC Comic Relief ‘World Cup of Biscuits’ market

Source: SBC News

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