BetConstruct releases source code for its front-end as open source

European industry platform and technology provider BetConstruct has announced that it has released its front-end source codes as an open source function, in a move to give its customer base more flexibility and agility over their products.

BetConstruct’s management and development teams believe that the decision to open front-end source codes will allow for the supplier and its partners to remove a number of barriers and optimise client verticals which will make better use of BetConstruct’s APIs.

Updating the market, BetConstruct details that it will make open source development functionalities a key priority of its ongoing platform provisions. Opening its front-end code for web and mobile devices via GitHub.

“By making the front-end sources open to everyone, we remove barriers for our partners,” detailed BetConstruct Executive Chairman Vigen Badalyan.

Announcing its decision, BetConstruct management gave a number of examples of how clients could benefit from its open front-end source codes including gaining defined data collection, developing better front-end infrastructure and optimising landing page targeting.

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