Betway & PPF aim to elevate player education with new integrity series

To coincide with the start of the new football season, the Professional Players Federation (PPF) has unveiled a new series of short films highlighting some key messages around betting integrity in sport.  The films have been produced in partnership with and funded by the PPF’s betting integrity partners – Betway, Paddy Power Betfair and Bet365.

The series features contributions from various player associations including the WPBSA, PFA, PCA and RPA as well as bookmaker representatives and sports integrity experts.  The films follow a Q&A format and are aimed at players focusing on a number of different questions around betting, match fixing and the passing of inside information. They also demonstrate the close working relationship between the sports and betting industries in order to counter corruption and keep British sport clean and maintain its world leading reputation in sporting integrity.

Speaking about the films, PPF Chairman Brendon Batson OBE outlined: “Player associations do a great job in educating players about betting integrity and these new films are designed to complement this education by giving bite size information and advice for players who may either want to learn more or seek support from their player association.  We are grateful to our betting integrity partners for their funding of player education in this area.”

Anthony Werkman CEO of Betway added: “Our support of the Professional Players Federation is an extremely important part of our wider work in the areas of sporting integrity and player education around gambling.  Our aims dovetail with that of the PPF in that we want a clean, competitive and ultimately fun environment for our customers to test their knowledge against, and to our mind these videos will help ensure that both players and the customers of Betway, continue to compete and play solely for the love of the game.”

The films are available to view on the PPF Youtube channel and are available to all PPF members to use online or more formal education settings.

Source: SBC News