6 of the Best – Pixiu Gaming’s Tony Plaskow

6 of the Best – Pixiu Gaming’s Tony Plaskow

This week’s 6 of the Best comes from Tony Plaskow, Founder of Pixiu Gaming.

Continue reading to discover a duo of best betting fortunes, which personal sporting memory is held dear and a love of un-PC comedies.

Best Holiday

I always tell people my favourite holiday was when I went on a sports tour with my school when I was 15. Along with my best mate we were the youngest members of the squad and we toured Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore for 3 weeks playing cricket and hockey. Everywhere we went we were treated amazingly well. The food and the extraordinary sights and sounds of the places we visited was truly amazing. It was also the first time I had been away from my parents, which probably helped!

Best Film

I am stickler for un-PC comedies, so it has to be Blazing Saddles.

Best Book

I only read autobiographies and about the Holocaust (I know, rather solemn, sorry). One of the best of them is called ‘The Holocaust’ by Laurence Rees.

Best Album

I would (still!!) have to say Joshua Tree – it is nothing short of extraordinary and still sounds as good as ever. Every track is special….

Best Sporting Experience

I have played and watched sport all my life, so my playing one is easy as I scored a century on my debut for Hertfordshire when I was about 15. Watching, I am an Arsenal season ticket holder, so I would have to say seeing Tony Adams score against Everton at Highbury to seal the league title in 1998 (I am that old) – I still get goosebumps when I see that! Oooh Oooh Tony, Tony Adams!!!

Best Bet

I have 2! I used the odds comparison site I co-founded, easyodds, to back Sakhee to win the 2001 Arc at 25/1 with NetBetSports (long-defunct!!!) when all the other bookies had gone 6’s. Sakhee hosed up and they paid me out instead of claiming palpable error.

The other saw me get in on an inside job in a 2002 Champions League Qualifier between Dynamo Tirana and Brondby. I was with someone who got word to back the Danish side to win either 4 or 5 nil at odds upto 100/1. By the time I got on with a Caribbean bookie it was 40/1. It was 2 nil to Brondby until an 87th minute goal, and a very dubious 89th minute converted penalty made it 4 nil.

Source: SBC News