Online Bingo: Understanding The Strategies

Bingo has experienced a recent surge in popularity, largely due to the creation of online bingo websites, as well as re-imaginings of the game, such as Bongo’s Bingo. There are so many great different ways you can get involved with bingo these days. With so much scope people are becoming increasingly enthusiastic for the game, and more and more determined to win big. Growing to be overly obsessed with winning of course has its dangers, so do mind that you don’t get too competitive. However, it is no secret that winning at any game is great, even more so if it’s bingo! If you are looking to optimize your chances of winning big, there are a number of ways in which you can do so.

Tippett’s theory

Born in 1902, Leonard Henry Caleb Tippett was a British statistician, who was known in the professional field as L. H. C Tippett. In his lifetime, Tippett received many awards, including Fellow of the American Statistical Association.

Take note that the Tippett theory doesn’t have solid proof, but the theory suggests that within a game of bingo, as more numbers are called, the more those numbers will gravitate towards the middle.

As such, many bingo enthusiasts opt to pick bingo cards with more numbers that are close to the median. This number would be 45 in a game where the numbers game 1-99, and 38 in a game where the numbers range from 1-75.

Granville’s theory

Joseph E. Granville was a mathematical analyst. He is famously known for financial market prediction, and his number system is one of the very most famous number systems in the world.

The Granville theory suggests that bingo players ought to choose bingo cards where the numbers make the card symmetrical and systematic. For example, he argues that there should be a balance of odd numbers and even numbers, a balance of high and low numbers, and the bingo ticket should have the same amount of numbers which end in 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

The Granville theory largely contradicts the Tippett theory, but Granville argued that it makes much more sense to choose numbers in his recommended way because, in the long run, a balanced amount of high and low numbers will be called out, as will a largely equal amount of odd and even numbers. However, like Tippett’s theory, the Granville theory has never been extensively proven.

Buy more tickets

A very simple strategy to improve your chances of winning at bingo is to buy more tickets. You only get one shot at winning with one ticket, but several shots with several tickets. However, it is important to bear in mind that keeping track of multiple tickets can be very

difficult, particularly if you are still relatively new to the game. It is also important to keep in mind that buying multiple tickets per game will soon get very expensive. If you opt to go for this strategy, make sure you work it carefully into your budget.

Choose the right online bingo room

A further technique to improve your chances of winning is by picking bingo rooms with fewer players. Fewer competitors of course means that you stand a much higher chance of being successful. Most bingo rooms tend to be quieter in the mornings, late at night and during the working day. If you are able to play at these off-peak times, give it a try.

Use the online chat rooms

The vast majority of bingo websites have online chat rooms, where players can socialise, share tips and advice, and organise private games. There is a wealth of bingo knowledge to be snatched up in these chat rooms, as many players will be real enthusiasts who have a lot of bingo experience behind them.

Stay focussed

If you are serious about winning, then naturally, retaining focus throughout a game is absolutely key. Switch off your phone, sit somewhere quiet, and don’t try to multitask. Of course, these distractions are fine if you are playing half-heartedly, but if you are determined to win a game, then they’re a huge no-no.

There are a multitude of strategies out there to help you maximise your chances of winning at bingo, some of which are much more straightforward than others. When you are playing bingo, try to keep these tips in mind, and play around with the Tippett and Granville theory to see which of them can help you to bag yourself a win. However, above all, the most important thing to remember when playing bingo is responsibility. Don’t get too carried away with wanting to win. Make sure you set yourself realistic financial budgets for each game and stick to them. Bingo is an absolutely brilliant game which anyone can enjoy, so be sure not to spoil it for yourself by getting too serious about winning big.