Kindred’s Unibet Reprimanded by Danish Regulator for AML Neglect

Kindred’s Unibet Reprimanded by Danish Regulator for AML Neglect

The Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) has recently reprimanded Unibet, part of the Kindred Group, for violating its rules on business procedures, know your customer (KYC) measures and politically exposed persons etc. The gaming operator also failed to adhere to rules on obligation to investigate and obligation to report.

In a statement the DGA said that Unibet did not have “sufficient written business procedures for ongoing monitoring of existing customer relations.”

Unibet also lacked sufficient business procedures for collecting and assessing documentation in relation to suspected money laundering, the DGA added that. The operator also failed to mitigate existing risks through certain payment methods.

The Danish regulator also highlighted Unibet’s insufficient business procedures “for managing politically exposed persons, their family members and close associates.” It also did not employ adequate KYC measures for five out of 20 high-roller customers that were inspected during an audit.

In addition, Unibet did not implement the right AML actions and allowed a young player to deposit more than DKK 1m ($152,708) without checking the source of funds.

Unibet has been given two months to update its risk assessment.

Kindred responded in a statement:

“As previously communicated, Unibet ‘Denmark’ Limited, which operates Kindred Group’s Danish business, has been reprimanded by the Danish gambling authority, regarding past failing related to AML.

“Since then, Unibet has, in collaboration with the regulator, updated its AML framework accordingly and will provide the regulator with an updated risk assessment.

“Kindred Group have the ambition to demonstrate the highest quality and standards in the industry and we are pleased to see that the regulator have now acknowledged that the breaches no longer exists.

“Kindred has corresponded with the regulator in the matter in an open, transparent and productive manner throughout the process.

“We will continue with the collaboration and do everything necessary to further strengthen our control procedures maintaining our ambitions on offering high consumer safety and AML security.”

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