Spielworks Expands Into BNB Chain with Leading P2E Minecraft Server

Spielworks Expands Into BNB Chain with Leading P2E Minecraft Server

Spielworks, a leading blockchain startup specializing in gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions, has recently announced its first partnership in the BNB Chain ecosystem. The company integrates its multi-chain gaming-oriented Wombat Wallet with MineCrypto, a leading play-to-earn (P2E) Minecraft server.

The play-to-earn gaming industry exploded in 2021, with blockchain-based projects redefining the core tenets of game design to bring players real ownership over tradeable digital assets. Now, with more and more companies and organizations experimenting with this business model, the P2E industry is expanding deeper into the mainstream gaming world. Launching in late 2021, MineCrypto is one of the projects bringing blockchain and traditional gaming together. This Minecraft server puts one of the world’s most popular traditional titles on blockchain rails, enabling players to earn its native $MCR token by completing various quests in multiple game modes.

With the integration, gamers using the Wombat Wallet can now use it to log in at the MineCrypto server and join its bustling P2E economy. MineCrypto’s $MCR token and native NFTs join the ranks of digital assets that Wombat Wallet natively supports. MineCrypto will, for its part, promote Spielworks as a featured partner in its materials.

Spielworks announced integrating the Wombat Wallet with the BNB Chain, a leading public layer-1 blockchain developed by Binance, one of the world’s largest centralized digital asset exchanges, earlier this year. The integration opened the network with an estimated total value locked of almost $9 billion for gamers looking to explore the titles built on one of the most popular platforms for decentralized applications.

Adrian Krion, CEO of Spielworks, said:

“With its high scalability and low fees, the BNB Chain is a go-to network for smart contract builders. We are thrilled to be pushing into this ecosystem by partnering with a project that leverages one of the biggest videogames ever to spearhead P2E gaming. Minecraft’s creator-focused design is perfect for integrating the blockchain and digital ownership, setting the stage for a player-led and player-driven economy.”

Nic Krystynak, Head of Growth and Marketing at MineCrypto, said:

“Minecrypto is excited to partner with Wombat and onboard new crypto users to our server and show them the limitless possibilities of crypto. Partnering with Wombat makes sense because our projects share similar goals of wanting to bring new users into the space of GameFi!”

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