i-conseils SAS offers personalised consultancy, project management and specialist research to gaming operators, and to companies seeking a greater understanding of the complexities of the industry.

What we do:

Our consultants offer many years of experience in the betting and gaming sector, covering mostly the remote channels. The range of skills and experience ensures that the services offered are of the highest quality.

i-conseils SAS is particularly involved with market-entry projects related to the newly regulated betting and gaming markets in Italy and in other Mediterranean countries, and to the provision of market intelligence relating to all of the major betting gaming markets in Europe.

In recent years, the consultancy has assisted a large number of international clients with licence acquisition, M&A projects and market entry strategies. On a regular basis, the consultancy also provides financial institutions and other bodies with detailed market information via ad hoc studies.

What we offer…

Production of in-depth reports providing essential data on European gaming markets.

Tailored consultancy in the EU markets to assist clients with:

  •     Understanding of the complexities of the regulatory environment
  •     Evaluation of market opportunities
  •     Development of Market Entry strategies
  •     Identification of M&A opportunities
  •     Licence application/acquisition and development of local infrastructure
  •     Development of relationships with key personnel within government regulatory bodies
  •     Identification and selection of essential software providers for online operations