BOS Sponsor Profile – Richard Thorp – FSB Technology

Richard ThorpFSB Technology, the sportsbook solution backed by senior industry individuals including the founders of both Sportingbet and Betfair, has been confirmed as a sponsor for Betting on Sports!

Winners of the inaugural Launch Pad competition in 2008, the company has attracted investment from a number of the industry’s most respected entrepreneurs, and earned contracts with some of the world’s largest casino and media companies. The service includes desktop and mobile user interface development, operating under the company’s licence from the UK Gambling Commission.

We caught up with Richard Thorp, Business Development Director for FSB Tech, to find out which debates he was most looking forward to at the conference.

SBC: What do you find most appealing about Betting on Sports?

RT: We’ve been regular visitors to Betting on Football and found those conferences worthwhile. But Betting On Sports broadens the debate, not only when it comes to the different sports, but also the number and variety of people attending. There are some interesting speakers on the list and some very relevant topics up for debate, not to mention the networking opportunities, which will be much easier to fit in given the two-day programme.

SBC: What are you looking forward to being debated in the conference area?

RT: On day one I think the session on player acquisition strategies will be a lively one, as will the in-play one, and I’m interested to hear form the new crop of sportsbooks, many of whom we’re being asked to launch. We also have a vested interest in the horse racing debate on day two as well. It should be very stimulating!

SBC: How can the betting industry make itself more appealing to wider sports consumers and stakeholders?

RT: I think moving away from gimmicky offers would be a good start, and by switching the debate to retention. Too many operators still haven’t got their CRM tools in order, and don’t really understand customer habits. Sports fans are often used to more thoughtful, engaging online experiences.

SBC: Apart from football, what do you think is the most interesting thing to bet on?

RT: Personally, I’m a big fan of horse racing which is still a huge part of the industry, particularly here in the UK. Funnily enough, FSB have just launched an exciting new horse racing based sportsbook called Black Type. It has an interesting hybrid trading solution, in which our traders manage the majority of markets and Black Type themselves trade other racing and some other specific markets.

The two founders are traders themselves, having worked for Kambi, and it’s a real endorsement that they chose our platform. I think it will have real appeal to proper punters too, as they’ve pledged to lay a fair bet at a fair price and will not be indulging in gimmicky offers.

SBC: What does the rest of 2016 have in-store for you?

RT: I’m excited to say a stack of new launches! We’ve been beavering away behind the scenes for a while now and have a number of new clients all set to launch. They all have very different needs and focuses, and have come from a number of different backgrounds in a number of different territories.

I’m delighted that the FSB platform has been able to accommodate all of them and offer each a unique service that suits their needs. I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks and months. You will be hearing a lot more from us.


Source: SBC News

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