Proform Racing launches new bet, lay and trade finder app

proform-racingProform Racing has launched a new web app to help users quickly identify relevant bets, lays or trades based on real time data and an almost unlimited selection criteria.

The Bet, Lay, Trade Finder App (BLT Finder), which is the brainchild of Proform Racing owner Simon Walton, enables punters to find their next selections on the move. It also allows users to apply more than 100 different statistically sound filters to the day’s racing across UK and Ireland.

Walton, believes that it’s the most functional app of its kind: “We’ve come at this from a solid statistical base, aware that the users of our software are predominantly using it to find bets that meet their own criteria. From our research, none of the other apps provide either the scope, usability or quantifiable statistics of BLT Finder; we know it’s going to be a game changer.”

As multiple filters are applied to the day’s race cards, the numbers of available bets, lays or trades that meet the criteria reduce as the search becomes more specific. Each filter selection updates the remaining available filters so you only see relevant data at every stage.

As well as being updated with live racing results, the BLT Finder, which has been launched on the Proform website, also allows you to apply your search criteria to any past day’s racing to see how your theory would have fared, and test your assumptions ahead of making your final selections.

Source: SBC News

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