Better Collective Spotlight: Early signs of success for first Greek Bookmaker Awards

Better Collective Spotlight: Early signs of success for first Greek Bookmaker Awards

This month’s Better Collective Spotlight explores the “excellent opportunity” for Better Collective to build on the relationship it has with online bettors in Greece through launching the Greek Bookmaker Awards in partnership with Betarades.

The 12-category awards night (23 January 2020) will be hosted by Betarades, a Better Collective-owned provider of sports insights and free betting tips in Greece.

Better Collective has confirmed that the concept for such an awards night could be scaled across other key markets.

The early signs are good as, in just the first week, almost 1,000 Greek players cast their vote for the marquee Best Bookmaker in Greece Players’ Choice award. 

Each of the award categories, said Better Collective’s Head of Strategic Events Shona ODonnell, have been created after extensive user research with Greek users. 

“The awards represent an excellent opportunity for us to build on the relationship we have with the Greek online bettors and help them navigate the market,” she explained.

“We want to ensure that we are rewarding the recipients for their efforts that directly matter to the bettors in the market.

“From a strategic level, this supports the values already practiced by Betarades and Better Collective, as it is a platform that is built to empower the bettors.

“And from a business perspective, the awards also serve as an opportunity to build on the relationships we have with partners in the market.”

The launch arrives in tandem with a breakthrough moment for the betting market in Greece, whose government passed a bill to regulate the country’s online framework last month.

Better Collective is in favour of a healthy regulatory system, said ODonnell, but she admitted that the project was in the pipeline before the long overdue regulation was passed.

“Greece has been, and continues to be, a big priority market for Better Collective,” she said. “Here Betarades is the leading sports betting affiliate and a trusted brand among thousands of Greek tipsters. It therefore made sense for us to launch the awards in this market.”

ODonnell concluded: “BC Thessaloniki, which operates the Betarades brand, has played an instrumental part in developing and marketing the awards night. In fact, it is a product of strong collaborative work across various departments and offices within Better Collective.

“The initial dialogue and feedback we have received has been extremely positive. We look very much forward to celebrating the best operators in the Greek market.”

Source: SBC News