Spotlight Sports integrates Crossword’s Rizikon to boost supplier management

Spotlight Sports integrates Crossword’s Rizikon to boost supplier management

Spotlight Sports Group has implemented Crossword Cybersecurity’s Rizikon Pro, a supplier assurance and third party risk management platform for SMEs.

The integration of the system has enabled Spotlight Sports to halve the time spent on supplier management, gain better visibility of its supplier risk and cut the costs of maintaining its ISO 27001 Information Security Management certification.

Due to its role as an all-digital platform offering industry news on horse racing and betting – two heavily regulated sectors – Spotlight Sports ‘invests huge amounts of time and effort’ to ensure both it and its over 40 suppliers meet governance, regulatory and compliance requirements.

Notable operators to receive content from Spotlight include Better Collective and Checkd Media, which both leverage the firm’s Superfeed engine, receiving racing content and ‘industry leading’ data covering over 60,000 fixtures per year. 

The firm partnered with Crossword with the aim of automating its supplier management and onboarding process in order to improve the experience for its staff and suppliers.

As typical onboarding processes require a supplier to complete a number of forms covering every aspect of business operations, they are ‘time consuming to manage for all parties,’ contributing to delays, complications and poor risk visibility.

In particular, Spotlight Sports focused on the ‘critical area’ that it assesses its suppliers for – the ISO 27001 Information Security Management certification, which the company believed could be managed much more efficiently, and saw the integration of Crossword’s platform as a ‘clear opportunity’ to achieve this objective.

“A lot of our team’s time and energy was being taken up by the existing processes – we wanted that time back so staff could focus on higher value tasks,” said Victor Mihăilescu, Head of Security at Spotlight Sports Group.

“We considered a range of solutions, from simple cloud-based forms, through to well-known third-party risk management platforms, which were expensive and over-complicated.  Rizikon Pro, which is aimed at SMEs, offers us by far the best fit for our supplier management needs with its balance between functionality, collaboration features and flexibility.”

Owner of the Racing Post, Spotlight Sports offers news on both international and UK horse racing, race results, statistics, tips and betting platform integration. 

Source: SBC News