The Six Muskotiers is on a journey to save the world from AI destruction

The Six Muskotiers is on a journey to save the world from AI destruction


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The Six Muskotiers, the futuristic free-to-play mobile game with blockchain-based elements, launches its closed alpha release. Users can play the real-time strategy game (RTS) as one, or up to three, of the six dynamic characters on a futuristic journey to save mankind and their pet dog from an evil AI. MSKO, the blockchain-based token, can be used for in-game transactions and player rewards.

Many games are redesigning their monetization and business models to appeal to consumers, causing developers to abandon initial payments and in-game paywalls. Developers must competitively differentiate themselves to appeal to players with endless options and a shortened attention span, hence the declining inclusion of a financial barrier.

The Six Muskotiers is a free-to-play game. The unique ecosystem centers around bidirectional microtransactions between both the players and the game, allowing for the distribution of value to players through MSKO. Players can also make purchases using fiat, but these players cannot subsequently own or mint their assets into NFTs, like players using MSKO can. Community engagement fuels the platform, so players stand to receive greater in-game rewards the more they contribute to the game’s success. The Six Muskotiers also prioritizes philanthropy and will donate a portion of all tokens to charities and social good initiatives.

The Six Muskotiers caters to casual and mid-core gamers, merging advanced gaming features with the simplicity and short length of casual games. Muskotiers is accessible to gamers of all levels, with a highly intuitive user experience and short gameplay sessions, ideal for immediate enjoyment.

“We are thrilled to introduce our game as it truly prioritizes player enjoyment, with the focus on an elaborate storyline and engaging characters,” says Bar Zer, CMO of Loopycore. “Games should be accessible without requiring an entry payment to play or excessive time to win. The Six Muskotiers offers players a succinct, yet engaging game experience and we are excited to watch our community flourish.”

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