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TillyBetonBrazil has been confirmed as an Affiliate & Media Event Sponsor for Betting on Sports 2016! is the latest gambling site to be launched by UK licensed operator, Argyll Entertainment, and features the name, face and voice of ex-Scottish International footballer turned award-winning broadcaster, Alan Brazil, as its brand ambassador.

Stuart Tilly, CEO at Argyll Entertainment, shared his excitement over the conference agenda, and revealed the two panel sessions he is most looking forward to attending.

SBC: What do you find most appealing about Betting on Sports?

ST: Its targeted focus on the sports betting industry means the conference agenda can cover a much broader range of topics, and discuss points of interest in much more detail than general sports betting conference themes are able to.

SBC: What are you looking forward to being debated in the conference area?

ST: The panel on user engagement in real-time is of particular interest given our brand’s focus on player retention. In addition, given my involvement in fantasy sports, I’m also keen to hear how the DFS operators are looking to work with bookmakers in the UK market.

SBC: How can the betting industry make itself more appealing to wider sports consumers and stakeholders?

ST: More focus on engagement rather than pure acquisition. We believe that in the UK, from operator to operator, customers are generally presented with the same gambling products, the same acquisition bonuses and the same loyalty rewards. Operators don’t seem to place much emphasis on differentiation or engagement, culminating in an all too often flat, bland and transactional experience for the customer.

At Bet on Brazil, we’re trying to address that imbalance by leveraging the lively, knowledgeable and charismatic personality of our ambassador Alan, in the way we offer our services to, and interact with, our customers. Our customers will be able to consume a whole range of exclusive video, audio and written content throughout the site and have the chance to compete for “money can’t buy” prizes and exclusive access to Alan and his friends, all whilst still being able to enjoy a first class gambling product.

SBC: Apart from football, what do you think is the most interesting thing to bet on?

ST: Esports is obviously high on the buzz word list at the moment. However, I think the growing consumption of music, TV and other forms of celebrity entertainment, especially on smart devices, should not be overlooked.

SBC: What does the rest of 2016 have in-store for you?

ST: We’ve launched our sports-only offering for the start of the Premier League season, and our very own in-play fantasy football game, Brazil’s Fantasy Fever. During the coming months on Bet on Brazil, we intend to roll out our full sports and horse racing offering, as well as a rich and varied portfolio of casino slots, table games and live dealer products.

Alongside all of this, customers will be treated to an entertaining mix of opinion, commentary and frolics from Alan and his pals via podcasts, videos and articles, focusing on all the action, controversy and key talking points that come up from week to week.

We’ve also got some other themed websites in the pipeline, expanding on our company’s strategy of offering targeted brand and/or themed gambling products to different consumer segments to maximise player loyalty and extend the average player life-cycle.


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