Do we need a bridge to Gozo?


I am having difficulties to understand the rationale of building a bridge between both islands.

1. The financial aspect.

The Pont de Normandie, which has been built a few years ago, is 2.1 km long and has costed 435m€. The geological environment for its construction is much more favourable than the one of a bridge between both islands. Its building costs would easily be over 1b€. How could Malta be able to finance such a project? (Mater Dei costed in comparison around 400m€). I would certainly expect that EU funds would be not available for such a project. This project would also make Gozo Channel’s fleet obsolete, further increasing the costs of the project.

2. The economy aspect.

What changes to the Gozitan economy would the bridge bring? Would it incite Maltese companies to relocate to Gozo? Gozitan’s workforce and workskill might be not available to attract these businesses. It certainly would be to the detriment of the tourism industry.

During the 2007-2013 EU financial period, 10% of the Maltese Island’s allocation of the Structural Funds was entirely dedicated for Gozo’s specific needs. With a bridge, Gozo would loose that status meaning that these 10% would not automatically been dedicated for Gozo.

I honestly think, before studies been made on the physical feasibility of building such a bridge, studies have to be made on the economical, social and tourism impact such a fixed link would have on Gozo

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